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To schedule a Therapy consultation please get in contact with Ezer Counselling today.

Psychodynamic Therapy

From our Kerry counselling and psychotherapy clinic, Ezer Counselling offers Psychodynamic Therapy. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a modality that is focused on how the past can have an effect on a person’s present. A person can gain a deeper understanding of their behaviours, emotions and feelings by analysing their thoughts, memories and emotions.
Through this guided analysis, a psychodynamic therapist can help an individual understand the subconscious reasoning behind an individual’s behaviours and feelings.

Through this understanding, the individual can then begin to recognise negative thought patterns and behaviour. Individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and can begin to address problematic behaviours or negative feelings.

What Can Psychodynamic Therapy Help Treat?


Circular Negative Thought Patterns/Behaviours

Social Anxiety Disorder


Addiction Issues

Eating Disorders

Psychodynamic Therapy FAQ

  • I’m looking for counsellors near me. What is your catchment area?
    We are a North Kerry-based counselling and psychotherapy clinic that is available to private clinics in North Kerry and the surrounding
  • How often should I attend a counsellor or psychotherapist?
    This depends on your unique requirements. Your actual attendance is something that can be discussed with your psychotherapist. In most cases, individuals find it helpful to speak to a counsellor once a week.
  • How do I set up an appointment with Ezer Counselling?
    Please call our psychotherapist clinic today to schedule an appointment. We’ll do our utmost to find a time that suits your schedule.

Interested in discussing Psychodynamic Therapy in greater detail. Please get in contact with Ezer Counselling today.


To schedule a Psychodynamic Therapy session, get in contact with our North Kerry counselling and psychotherapy clinic.

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