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To schedule a Therapy session in our Kerry clinic, please contact our reception desk today.

Person-Centred Therapy

From our North Kerry counselling & psychotherapy clinic, Ezer Counselling provides person-centred therapy.
Person-centred therapy or client-centred counselling is a gentle client-led form of psychotherapy. Person-Centred Therapy is beneficial to individuals who have suffered a trauma in their life. The effect of this past trauma may continue to negatively affect their present lives.

As the name suggests, it is the patient, not the psychotherapist that leads a client centred counselling session. The role of the therapist in this setting is as a facilitator. The therapist listens, without judging, and doesn’t attempt to move the conversation off-topic.

Through this approach, it’s hoped that the individual will discover their own solutions to problematic behaviours, thought patterns or feelings.

Person-Centred Therapy is a gentle but empowering Therapy modality and is particularly suited to individuals who have suffered past traumas.

What Can Person-Centred Therapy Help Treat?

A person who suffered trauma in their life

A person who is suppressed in their own development


People with low self-esteem



To discuss if person-centred therapy is the right approach for you, please get in contact with our North Kerry physiotherapy clinic today.

Person-Centred Therapy FAQ

  • I’m looking for counsellors near me. What is your catchment area?
    We are a North Kerry-based counselling and psychotherapy clinic that is available to private clinics in North Kerry and the surrounding
  • How often should I attend a counsellor or psychotherapist?
    This depends on your unique requirements. Your actual attendance is something that can be discussed with your psychotherapist. In most cases, individuals find it helpful to speak to a counsellor once a week.
  • How do I set up an appointment with Ezer Counselling?
    Please call our psychotherapist clinic today to schedule an appointment. We’ll do our utmost to find a time that suits your schedule.

For additional information on Person-Centred Therapy get in contact with Ezer Counselling today.

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